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Enormous Demand for Art, Anime, Sports, and NFT Collectibles will Boost Collectibles Market Size to 692.4 billion by 2032; NFT growing at 47% CAGR: Market Decipher

“Online trading of collectible and its sales in the primary market is at a huge rise in the current business scenario. Demand for antique and artistic paintings is at a new height supplemented by the social media craze and emergence of online selling platforms.”

Nikita Chauhan

Market Decipher has published the first-ever holistic and comprehensive research report, "Collectibles Market and NFT Market Size, Statistics, Growth Trend Analysis and Forecast Report, 2022 - 2032" estimating the global collectibles market at $412 billion in 2021 (historical data) and forecasting it to reach $692.4 billion by 2032.

Burgeoning growth in Art Collectibles supported by the escalation in NFT tagging of traditional physical art collectibles

Art collectibles are booming due to the high level of interest from private collectors, museums, real estate developers, interior designers, residential buyers, and other professionals. In 2021, the global value of art collectibles was estimated to be $1.7 trillion. The emergence of many local artists and the growth of galleries and auction houses will greatly amplify sales of art collectibles during the forecast period. A recent trend reveals the NFT attachment of physical collectibles to add authenticity and ease trading in the secondary market. Many start-ups such as are heading up in this industry.

Art and NFT are gradually building correlation and sustainable coexistence with the launch of new technologies. The NFT market in China had a turnover of $232 million in 2021, with nearly 300 NFT products sold. To expand into the metaverse sector, OCG acquired shares in Beijing Jiu Yu Ling Jing Technology Co., Ltd. It seems the company is on track to become a full-featured multi-service provider in the e-commerce art NFT and collectibles space.

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Trading Cards Capture 50% of the 22 billion Sports Collectibles Market

The global sports trading card market estimated at more than 12 billion, is largely driven by technological advances in trade platforms. E-commerce is playing a significant role in popularizing sports trading cards such as basketball and hockey cards, which are growing most quickly. In 2021, a Honus Wagner card sold for $6.6 million. In the upcoming years, the Sports Trading Card Market is expected to grow due to the increasing popularity of card trading in Asian economies. Trading cards are the most circulated items in the collectibles industry.

Toy Collectibles Market witlessness a multi-facet growth opportunity along with anime collectibles demand

During the forecast period 2022-2032, the global toy collectibles market is expected to reach USD 18.3 Billion. As toymakers explore ways to integrate physical and digital play to succeed in a technology-driven marketplace, collectible toys are becoming more popular in countries around the world. Toy artists creative concepts, limited availability, quality craftsmanship, and the marketing strategies of toy manufacturers all contribute to this phenomenon. Nowadays, artists such as KAWS are selling their works for millions of dollars at major art auctions. Cartoon character toys are the most demanded products in the toy collectible and anime collectible industry.

League Jersey Leads the Sports Memorabilia Market followed by Autographed Sports Collectibles 

Jersey holds more than 50% of the sports memorabilia market revenue. The league-licensed jersey manufacturers such as Fanatics are witnessing immense growth in the industry. However, match-worn shirts and jersey demand is growing huge too with competitors such as coming up with digital platforms increasing the reach to collectors. Sports memorabilia, from Tom Bradys autographed helmet to Emmitt Smiths game-used jersey to Mickey Mantles signed ball, is a big business that has flourished over the years. Many companies have launched digital auction houses contrary to traditional auction houses. SportsCast is transforming digital sports collectibles. SportsCast announces its participation in the Podfest Expo and Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit happening in May 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

The growing popularity of animations, games, and movies and the impact of social media and the internet are booming the animation collectibles market.

In particular, the rising popularity of animated and fictional characters over the internet and in digital media boosts are the market drivers. The launch of new products with attractive features and promotional activities by companies such as teaser campaigns, pre-film merchandise promotions, and tie-ups with brands to increase interest and awareness among their fan bases also contribute to the growth of the animation collectibles market. Easy access to these products through online platforms for purchase boosts the animation collectibles sales.

Collectibles Market is Highly Dynamic with New Competitive Launches and Strategies by Companies

In May 2022, eBay launched its first-ever Geneisis collection, breaking Wayne Gretzkys previous record. In its first-ever NFT Collection, eBay is offering 3D and animated representations of the iconic athletes who have graced Sports Illustrated covers over the years. There are thirteen limited-edition digital collectibles in the collection, which range from green tier NFTs with up to 299 editions to the highly coveted 15 editions only in the diamond tier. Throughout 2022, additional releases of OneOfs Sports Legends NFT series will be released in partnership with eBay, reinterpreting iconic Sports Illustrated covers in the age of Web 3.

“A decline in physical auction house sales has been witnessed in many categories. Peer-to-Peer sales have taken a leap over internet platforms such as eBay. Print-on-Demand has emerged as a lucrative business for independent freelance artists”

Spotify announced plans to join the NFT craze by implementing NFT music transactions. BayC, a popular NFT company, launches ApeCoin. Crazycats enters the Web3.0 collectibles platform. Curio Platform and Universal Music have signed a pact to develop collectible NFTs. Marvel also collaborates with NFT and blockchain technology partners to develop and market digital collectibles based on its action characters. The soccer leagues are getting involved in NFT and sports memorabilia with plans to develop new e-commerce platforms for trading. Mighty Jax, a toy collectible startup, raised $20 million last week, bringing its valuation to $200 Million.

Leading companies in this industry include Amazon, Ruby Lane, Webstore, Artfire, Etsy, Craiglist, Ebay, Bonanza, OLX, Rehab Vintage Interiors, Red Line Vintage, Omerohome, Tara Shaw Antiques, The Good Mod, Shopify, Antiques and Chatchkes, Just Vintage Home, Futera, Leaf Trading cards, Panini SPA, Topps, Upper Deck Company, Mounted Memories, Mitchell & Ness, Beckett, Donruss, and Steiner. Additionally, the famous auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips Auction, China Guardian, Heritage Auctions, and Beijing Poly International boosted the collectibles sales in recent years.

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Report Details:

Number of Pages: 350+ PDF

Number of Tables: 81

Number of Charts and Graphs: 106


Key Products of the Collectibles industry covered in this market are as follows:


NFT Digital Collectibles Market

Sculpture Figurines Market


Art Collectibles Market

Anime Collectibles Market

Poster/Wall Art


Vinyl Records






Timepieces and Scientific Instruments

Sports Memorabilia Market


Porcelain and Glass

Home Décor Collectibles Market

Vintage Fashion Collectibles Industry




Classic Cars Market

Toy Collectibles Industry


Film Posters

Film Prop




Art Deco



Horse Riding

High-End Stereos

Sailing Spare Parts

Collectible Dolls

Bobble Head

Action Figure

Toy Cars

Pins and Buttons


Key Report Takeaways

Market data (2020 & 2021) and forecast from 2022 to 2032 for 30+ products

Key investment pockets and risk analysis for each sector

Breakdown of NFT industry revenue into collectible types

In-depth analysis of major 20 countries on growth perspective

Detailed trend analysis and market data for each 30 sectors and cross-sectional breakdown

Impact of online sales channel and specialized collectibles portals

Monetizing model for B2B product registrations on portals

Enormous Demand for Art, Anime, Sports, and NFT Collectibles will Boost Collectibles Market Size to 692.4 billion by 2032; NFT growing at 47% CAGR: Market Decipher
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