Our Services


Our full time engagement model allows the client to work with us on their research requirement as a full time assistance provided throughout the timeline agreed.

However, it falls under our terms and conditions as listed below:-

  • The market to be researched cannot be changed during the time-period of the engagement.
  • We as a research firm and due to human and machine limitations work on projects post feasibility check
  • Our syndicated report disclaimer policies are applicable for any type of research work that we conduct
  • The pricing of the full-time engagement model depends on the market of interest, analyst hours to be involved and similar factors
  • In this format of associations we will be defining analyst hours for each day work which will be defined by our internal team.
  • We are not supposed to work beyond these limitations and terms of agreement
  • The delivery will be done on weekly basis and any urgent requirement shall be catered by us as soon as possible


Our subscription model helps you to receive our market reports at a highly discounted rate. We give special attention to projects requested by our subscription clients.

Our team of analyst shall be ready for post sale assiatnce in case required.

Note: The report selection must be done from our publishing list available in our repository. Custom requirements depend upon feasibility check.