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Market Decipher is a market research and consultancy firm involved in provision of market reports to organisations of varied sizes; small, large and medium. At Market Decipher, we concentrate on articulating relevant business policies conditional to the specific market domain for a sustainable growth. The services provided by us include Data Collection, utilisation and portfolio management.

We scrutinise the problems and aim to arrive at an optimal solution in tune with market dynamics. Our scope of offering business intelligent solutions can be broadly classified as

  • Strategies
  • Future projections,
  • Potential forecasting,
  • Opportunity analysis and
  • Consumer /market surveys.
Research Methodology

Our research methodology is an implementation of diverse steps to accumulate a critical analysis of the market dynamics and acknowledge the challenges and opportunities for growth based future planning.

At Market Decipher, our expert team concentrates on a primary and secondary research for data collection. The data collected is then meticulously analysed as per the country specific issues and trends. Our methodology solely focuses on providing our clientele a comprehensive consultancy to accommodate their requisites and creating strategic growth solutions for the current and future market dynamics.

The overall benefits derived out of our unique market research methodology could be summarised as following.

  • Ethical /transparent approach
  • An eye for details
  • Consistency
  • Market dynamics
  • Dependable and authentic resources
Plan your research in your way

We also provide market research and analysis services with customised needs and requirements of the client, which in turn gives our clients the advantage of focussed marketing. Market Decipher specialises in planning your own research at your own pace. In other words, you can depend on Market Decipher to have tailor made solutions for basic as well as advanced research. In the ultimate analysis, we deliver our clients a time saving but focussed solutions to achieve the optimum results covering the entire spectrum of activities. With Market Decipher, you can be assured of a holistic approach in market design, insight, analysis and implementation.

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We deal into following domains: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals-and-Materials, Manufacturing-and-Construction, Power-and-Energy, Automotive-and-Transportation, Telecom-and-IT, Aerospace-and-Defense, Food-and-Beverages, Business-and-Finance, Semiconductor, Next-Gen-Technologies, Machinery, Animal-Nutrition-and-Wellness, and Electronic-Appliances.

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Single User (meant for one person use), Corporate User (allows use of the report within the organization), Data Pack (data sheets for the market (only quantitative research)) and Subscription Plan (updated report every 3 months for 1 year).

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